The quality policy

The quality policy of "ALAY" LLC

The company "ALAY" LLC is aimed at the development, production and sales of modern, reliable, competitive cable and wire products, systems, fire alarm systems and accessories for these systems.
The main objective of the company is to meet the requirements and expectations of consumers through the issuance of high-quality products.
In this regard, the company has set itself the strategic goal:
  • The increase in production and sales of products, expanding the range.
  • Carrying out a systematic analysis of the requirements and expectations of prospective customers and objective assessment of product satisfaction;
  • Application of modern models of production management, to improve the quality, reliability and safety of products, reduction of its production costs;
  • The development of new sales markets in the European Union through the introduction of new technologies and obtain modern equipment;
  • Organization of the work of the enterprise in the context of national, international and European standards;
  • Continuous improvement of the socio-economic conditions of working and living conditions of employees.
  • To achieve its strategic objectives in the field of quality, the company has set itself the following strategic objectives:
  • Development of new technological processes, high quality materials, types of packaging, advanced techniques of production and management personnel;
  • The use of standard documentation for the products and methods of test, developed in accordance with national, international and European standards.
  • The establishment and development of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of measures to ensure product quality at all stages of the life cycle and prevent deviations from the specified requirements; 
  • Provision of social protection of the personnel; Further training of staff at all levels to engage in a process of continuous improvement of product quality.
Top management "ALAY" LLC is the guarantor of the implementation of the Quality Policy and is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Our motto is: QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS IS Guarantee of your safety!
Oleg Pushkar


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